Monday, 14 January 2013

13 for 2013

13 f0r 2013
So, its' been a long while since my last blog post and for that I apololgise but I've been mega busy over the Christmas season preparing to go back to uni! ...yes that's right! However, I haven't taken my eye completely off the ball... I've still been keeping a keen fashion eye out for all those amazing trends set to bring us straight out of those pesky January blues...

For many 13 is considered an unlucky number but having seen the fashion trends for this year I in no way believe 2013 is going to be unlucky! If fact I can't wait to get my wardrobe filled with these new amazing trends!

Over the next few weeks I'll bring to you my top fav 13 fashion trends for 2013 let you know where exactly you can shop to keep your 2013 wardrobe bang on trend! So keep your eyes peeled for updates and get ready to shop!
much love

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