Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Ragged Priest vs Bitching & Junkfood

The Ragged Priest vs Bitching & Junkfood

I know I know...it's been a while, a loooong while! ...but I'm finally back on top of my blog (again), and with pay day looming I thought what could be a better way to come back in style than with reviewing two of my fav newley discovered brands...

The Ragged Priest

Featuring reconitioned vintage pieces covered in punky studs and tie dyed to the maximum... this brand are all about cool!

There's something about girls in these oversized studded clothes that seems to scream I DON'T GIVE A F**K, I'M COOL in an effortless manner. They're the perfect pieces to just throw on without any effort and they need no help from accessories.

Worn individually or putting outfits together from the whole collection this brand can rock your wardrobe either way... and if you're looking for cool they're definately worth investing in!

 Baby Gnarly Denim Gilet

 Yankee Jumper

Good Girl Gone Bad Shorts
(a tad on the pricey side, andd never forget if you're feeling creative you could always have a go at making some of these yourself... check out my earlier blog post Punk Love)

 Drumstick Aran

Audrey Dress

Bitching & Junkfood
Another brand formed from re-inventing old clothes... featuring sheer maxi's, lots of tie dye, a few studs and plenty of interesting head wear. These clothes are still all about the cool but with a little more sexy appeal.

Revealling plenty of skin this brand are all for the braver adventurous woman! The gal who dares to show a little too much leg (although there's never too much leg), or perhaps a sexy hint of midriff.

So, if you're feeling a little brave this summer then you should ost definately invest in this brand!

MADE Safir Headdress

REMADE Net Fringe Top

REMADE Jamaica Fringe Short

VINTAGE Aleph Tie-Dye Skirt

REMADE Mesh Fringe Maxi Dress

UNDERGROUND Metallic Creeper Flatform

So, after looking at my favorite selected pieces whose side are you on?

much love

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