Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I'll Take You to a Place I Know...

Ill Take You to a Place I Know...

Continuing my work with Manchester reggae band (and good friends) Jeramiah Ferrari we soon went on to collaborate on a second shoot with awesome local photographer Jonathan Clover.

With the guys still undecided on what exactly they wanted for an overall 'band image' we decided to try something completely different to the last shoot... less clean cut with colour and more gritty, street inspired styling (way more up my street!) We wanted to find the perfect look to complement the new music the band were creating; and boy did I have fun playing around with the clothes!

Lead Vocals: Ryan Paul Mario Barton
Lead Guitar: Joshua Aitchinson
Bass: Hanson Pollit
Drums: Stuart Welch

Photography: Jonathan Clover
Styling: JodieRosanna

Oh, and don't forget to check out the band at www.facebook.com/jeramiahferrari, they've just recently released a new EP which is amazing!


For any enquiries on band styling, personal shopping or image consultation please contact JodieRosanna:
much love


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