Thursday, 13 September 2012

Getting Graphic (part 2)

Getting Graphic (part 2)

So, I know it's been forever since I told you all about the shoot I'd planned & styled for The Fashion Network ...but now I have finally been given permission to release the images and upload them to the blog!

...excited much?

If you've read my earlier post then you'll know all about the ins & out's of the shoot... so, getting to the point... HERE IT IS...

Serge DeNimes

American Apparel

Hero & Cape

Beck & Hersey

Kraezy Authentic Street Apparel

Dead Legacy

£26 Million


Serge DeNimes

The Cuckoo's Nest


Elvis Jesus


Models: PHA - Nathaniel & Amy
Photography: Sven Eselgroth
Styling: JodieRosanna
Make-Up: Yvonne Hill

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To check out the full shoot in magazine format click the link:

much love