Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What Jodie Wore

What Jodie Wore
So, with tonight being the eve of Halloween I thought it would be rather fitting to do a festive What Jodie Wore...
...I mean who doesn't love a bit of fancy dress?

Each year I like to try and change things up and dress up as something different; as zombie, cat and witch were already crossed off the list I decided to go for something a little more original!
A Gothic Doll!
With this costume it was all about the makeup...
I tried to create a slightly larger, creepy doll eye by drawing the whites of the eye much bigger; I then drew on
lashes and lined the eyes underneath to make them pop! ...the finishing touches were then the huge false lashes to create an even more 'fake' effect.
The next crucial detail was definitely the lips! I started by blocking out the natural lip colour with foundation and then drew on the creepy doll lips in TOPSHOP 'Vamp' lipstick!
The rest of the costume is all about detail!

Velvet Body: TOPSHOP
Black Cardigan: All Saints
Black Tutu: Topshop
Tights: Pretty Polly
Necklace: TOPSHOP
Choker: Clarie's Accessories
Happy Halloween!
much love

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