Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Jungle is Massive!

The Jungle is Massive!

Continuing with the 13 for 2013 theme here's my next (yes, slightly delayed) trend! This year a strong theme creeping up in the high street is without a doubt 'jungle' inspired wear. With aztec patterns still a strong player there's also plenty of animalistic pieces along with african inspired prints.

This trend is all about the excess! Mix and clash different prints & patterns to stand out from the crowd... or if you're not quite feeling brave enough pick one key piece and team it with simple (yet colourful) accessories.

If you're like me and you already have a strong (not so colourful) style you could always opt for the accessories option! ...and trust me there are some amazing pieces out there!

Here's a few of my favourites...

Mango Statement Spike & Rope Necklace
River Island Eclectic Friendship Bracelet
Topshop Spike Fang Ring
ASOS Panther Crown Headband
River Island Eclectic Dangle Earrings
Topshop Sharks Tooth Rhinestone Collar
Have fun getting your 'jungle fever' on!
much love

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