Friday, 22 February 2013

Surprise Surprise

Surprise Surprise
So, as some of you may already know from my facebook and twitter accounts I have been a very busy bee recently creating the new pieces for my clothing line Pretty in Punk... and might I just say they are looking pretty damn awesome!(pics coming soon)
However on another important note; earlier this week I received a very exciting box of goodies from the wonderful team at Manchester Fashion Week.
...I know, how lucky am I?
Anyway I thought it very fitting that I should show off this wonderful gift to all you lovely readers so take a look...

The box was wrapped amazingly well and inside had lots of very exciting goodies, including a gift from accessory brand Accesoryo...
Along with this there were also items from:
Tea Pigs
Inner Me
Genifique Yeux
I shall be making a start on testing all these products out asap(starting with the chocolate) and I shall keep you all updated!
much love

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