Thursday, 7 March 2013

Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food
So here's the first review to come on my amazing gifts from The Manchester Fashion Week team...
I thought I start with the tastiest gifts of all (as lets be honest they're the hardest to resist)... and boy were they tasty!
The first thing to catch my eye in my fabulous gift box was a gigantic box of choccies from Hotel Chocolat. With so many varieties to chose from it was hard to pick a favourite flavour, however after sampling them all it was most definitely a draw between the Choc Chip Cookie and the surprisingly delicious Sea Salt and Caramel.
 Choc Chip Cookie
Sea Salt Caramel
Another tasty treat to be received was the amazing Mega Load's 'sweet and salty' peanut butter cups...
Having never sampled something quite like this before I was both intrigued and excited to give them a try! The combination of the sweet chocolate and salty pretzel was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed every bite!
...deffo something I shall be purchasing in the future!
Finally from the sweet, to the salty & sweet, to the savoury... The mouth wateringly good Popchips.
...and in my favourite flavour too!
(MCRFW how did you know?)
Being healthier than regular crisps and in yummy barbeque flavour these were deffo my favourite treat in my blogger's gift box!
For the next review be sure to keep your eyes peeled!
much love

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