Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marni at H&M

Marni at H&M
Thursday 8th March 2012 was the release date of the new Marni and H&M collection. Being busy at my TFN placement I only got chance to check it out the next day, and to my dissapointment most of it was gone...

but then that's the beauty of online shopping!

The first thing that brought my attention to this collection was the commercial... stylish 20 somethings attending parties and falling in love all by the poolside in some hot Moroccan. city Who doesn't want a wardrobe that can bring us a step closer to this lifestyle?

I loved the silk peacock printed outfits; matching shirt, trousers and skirt combinations creating a real Moroccan feel!

 ...my other fav pieces had to be these relaxed 'pyjama style' shirt and shorts combination, perfect for wearing on a hot summers night with a wedge heel or gladiator sandle.

Finally, my absolute favorite part of the collection had to be the accessories! One in particular being this stunning sequin collar, available in black & white... I shall be without a doubt adding one of these to my wardrobe very soon!

(all items featured are available both in store and online at hm.com)

much love

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