Friday, 16 March 2012

A New Discovery

A New Discovery
It was this photoshoot in the latest addition of Dazed and Confused magazine that first brought my attention to the amazing make up brand Illamasqua...

The styling by Katie Shillingford is amazing! But the makeup by Alex Box was what I really loved (in particular the first image) much so I instantly had to find out more about Illamasqua...

Awarded CoolBrands® status in 2011 they're the makeup brand for your alter ego!

My top 3 buys:

Not for the shy or reserved this lipstick is the ultimate in fashion statements!

Forget Dorothy's red sparkly shoes! This nail varnish is way to much of a statement for Kansas!

Simply flutter your way to the top with these show stopping lashes!

All available to buy online at

much love

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