Thursday, 26 April 2012

Seeing Double

Seeing Double

So, something I'm really into this week is Denim! Double denim has one of those rules in fashion where by the boundaries are blurred... some people say its wrong! Double denim is a no, no! ...but then, there's those people who challenge this and create collections featuring the trend... and I must say I am definitely a DD believer!

Mother knows best...

JodieRosanna Age 7
DanielJohn Age 3

I think it was when I found these old photographs of my younger brother and I that I realised ...this is why I LOVE double denim!
...sometimes it just works.

These s/s 2012 collections are living proof that double denim can work...

Genetic Denim

With this collection I love the fact that all the denim remains the same, it's dark and unbleached and isn't afraid to make the full Double Denim statement.

Blank NYC
This collection focuses more on combining different types of denim in each outfit; using coloured skinny's with denim shirts and combining different bleached denims... its still double denim, just less in your face!

When braving the DD look it's all about one of two things:

-If you're super confident go for the matching double denim! Team up jeans & jackets, shirts & skirts in the same matching denim colour. Be bold and make a true fashion statement.

-However, if you're slightly more reserved go for the not-so-obvious DD look, team up coloured skinnys with a blue denim shirt or mix & match different bleached denims to stay bang on trend and in your comfort zone.

Have fun experimenting!

much love

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